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Vermin Supreme

    After seeing perpetual Presidental candidate Vermin Supreme on the “Lesser Known Candidate’s Forum” back in 2012, I just had to make a statue of this crazy looking dude who wears a boot for a hat. I reached out to Mr. Supreme to show him what I made and much to my surprise he responded with a request for copies of the sculpture! At the time I had not yet started making molds but when a Presidential candidate like Mr. Supreme asks for copies, well, you make copies. It was a push by Vermin Supreme that got me into mold making.

    Sculpting Vermin
    Brushing on the silicone
    The mold
    The first cast along side the original polymer clay sculpture which broke in the demolding process
    The first resin cast

    As a token of his appreciation, Vermin Supreme sent me one of his own creations. Behold Raticus!

    Thank you, Vermin Supreme for the weirdest package I’ve ever received!