The Muffler Man Statue: Series 2

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Presenting a collection of 9 statues based on the iconic American roadside attraction, The Muffler Man.  This series features the clean shaven Muffler Man, the Alfred E. Neuman inspired Half Wit and a couple lumberjacks.

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The King of the Mufflers:

The first statue is based on the Muffler Man that used to reside in Metairie, LA.  He was seriously damaged in a hurricane in 2012.  Roadside America has the story:




The second King of the Mufflers is based on the statue that currently resides at the home of George and Pam Farnham in Unger, WV.  You can read about it here:

king of the mufflers2

king of the mufflers3

king of the mufflers1


Desert Camo:

This statue is based on the fiberglass giant found in Havre de Grace, MD.  He comes with a rifle, and I gave him the boot cut pants to be a bit closer to actual fatigues.

desert camo1

desert camo2

desert camo3


Classic Paul Bunyan:

The classic Paul Bunyan, yellow cap, red shirt, blue pants and a trusty axe.





Louie the Lumberjack:

Based on the statue found on the grounds of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ.

lumberjack louie1

lumberjack louie2

lumberjack louie3


Happy Half Wit from Winslow, NJ:

The Half Wit is truly an odd character.  This statue is based on the one found on Highway 73 in Winslow, NJ.

half wit nj3

half wit nj2

half wit nj1


Happy Half Wit from Dallas, TX:

This Half Wit is based on the well kept figure in Dallas, TX.

half wit dallas1

half wit dallas2

half wit dallas3


Muffler Men That Never Were:

In an effort to breathe new life into the Muffler Man, I created two statues of Muffler Men that never existed.


The paint scheme for this statue is inspired by the uniform worn by a certain lawman from a certain TV show about the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.





Private First Class Half Wit:

Mop in hand, PFC Half Wit is ready for duty.  The latrine doesn’t stand a chance!  His outfit is painted to resemble 60’s era Army fatigues since the Muffler Man statues originated in that era.

pfc half wit1

pfc half wit2

pfc half wit3


For all things Muffler Man be sure to check out American Giants and Roadside America.