The Limited Edition Vermin Supreme Collection (or How I Got Into Moldmaking)

The following is a true story.

In 2012 after seeing presidential candidate Vermin Supreme on C-SPAN’s “Lesser Known Presidential Candidates” forum, I was inspired to sculpt a bust of the man who wears a boot for a hat.  Vermin is a “friendly fascist” and a “tyrant you should trust.” He’s the only one to propose a mandatory tooth brushing law, the only one to promise to harness the power of zombies and the only one to pledge to go back in time and kill baby Hitler.  He says he’ll break all his promises which makes him the most honest man running for president.

sculpting vermin


I contacted Vermin to show him what I made and he inquired about making copies and it was then I made my first ever mold…

molding vermin

vs mold

The tip of the boot didn’t survive demolding…


It was because of Vermin Supreme that I finally entered the world of molding and casting.

The final versions came in three color schemes:


Jack Boot Black:


Pony Purple:


Titanium Tyranny:


I gave them to Vermin as a gift and in return he sent me the most wonderfully hideous thing I’ve ever received.  Behold, a Vermin Supreme original creation: Raticus!



Thank you, Vermin Supreme,  you will always be my choice for President!