The Italian Fascist Party Headquarters – Wall Art

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In 1934 Italians who were permitted to vote went to the polls to choose “yes” or “no” for a list of 400 members of the chamber of deputies chosen by the Grand Council of Fascism.  Benito Mussolini was in full command as the leader of the Fascist Party and dictator of Italy.

This bizarre and visually striking display adorned the headquarters of the Fascist Party in Rome at the time of the vote; Mussolini’s menacing visage surrounded by the word YES.  The message had all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

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“Yes” received 99.84% of the vote.

When I first saw photographs of the Italian Fascist Party HQ, the first thing that came to mind was Big Brother from Orwell’s masterpiece “1984.” I find the dystopian, sci-fi esque imagery so compelling I made it into a piece of wall art.

“SI” is screenprinted on wood measuring 12 x 11 inches (30 x 27cm).  Mussolini’s face is a hand painted resin cast of an original polymer clay sculpture.  The plaque will hang on 2 nails or anchored screws that are firmly embedded in the wall.

Comes in 2 color schemes:  Red and Grayscale

Italian Fascist Party HQ

Italian Fascist HQ

Il Duce


Mussolini Fascist

Italian Fascist Party Headquarters

The Italian Fascist Party Headquarters Wall Art


March 25, 1934 Italy to vote today for new “Yes Man” body

Italian general election, 1934