The Texaco Big Friend

  This figure is a hand painted resin cast of an original polymer clay sculpture based on the rarest of giant Muffler Man statues.   The Texaco Big Friend was a giant fiberglass statue built by International Fiberglass as part of an ad campaign for Texaco back in the 60’s.  They made hundreds of these guys to be distributed to gas stations around the country in an effort to promote their friendly service.  “Trust your car to the man who wears the star” read the patch on the giant’s left shoulder.   The campaign didn’t quite work out as envisioned […]

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The Astroland Spaceman

One of the coolest Muffler Man statues ever made was the Astroland Spaceman which stood at the Astroland amusement park in Coney Island back in the early 60’s. According to Joel Baker of American Giants, there were only 2 or 3 of these spaceman statues made.  The only surviving statue is the Gemini Giant in Wilmington, IL. Although the giant Astroland Spaceman is long gone, I’ve brought him back in miniature form!

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The Muffler Man Statue: Series 2

Presenting a collection of 9 statues based on the iconic American roadside attraction, The Muffler Man.  This series features the clean shaven Muffler Man, the Alfred E. Neuman inspired Half Wit and a couple lumberjacks. Available now on Etsy and eBay!   The King of the Mufflers: The first statue is based on the Muffler Man that used to reside in Metairie, LA.  He was seriously damaged in a hurricane in 2012.  Roadside America has the story: The second King of the Mufflers is based on the statue that currently resides at the home of George and Pam Farnham in […]

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The Muffler Man: Paul Bunyan

Presenting The Limited Edition Muffler Man Paul Bunyan Series 1 Available now on Etsy and eBay.     This series features 7 hand painted resin casts of an original polymer clay sculpture based on the quintessential American roadside attraction, The Muffler Man. Modeled after the Paul Bunyan version of the fiberglass giant, the statues stand a little over a foot tall (31.5cm) and come in 3 color schemes. First, the BP color scheme based on the Muffler Man found at a BP service station in Elmsford, NY. The actual statue in Elmsford is missing his arms but I think he looks […]

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